You or your loved one can enjoy a calmer sleep thanks to weighted blankets, from Namaste Hand Made.

Whether you or someone you love is effected by autism, anxiety, scensory processing disorder, RLS (restless leg syndrome), ADHD, insomnia, parkinsons disease, or even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a weighted blanket can help you or your child have a calmer, more restful sleep. In most cases, weighted blankets are used for those who often get anxious, nervous, upset, or feel like they are not in control, but they also help those who have autism.

Many who have autism will experience some type of sensory disorder as a symptom. By having a blanket that has sewn weight into it, the equalized pressure of the blanket provides deep pressure touch stimulation which has a calming effect.

How Does Deep Touch Stimulation Work?

When a weighted blanket has distributed its weight equally across the body, we feel like we’re being held which then stimulates the receptors that release serotonin.

We have certain pressure points on our body, that when stimulated, will release this neurotransmitter which is a calming chemical in the brain. Now because everyone creates serotonin, a weighted blanket for Autism can actually help a wide array of conditions.

What Conditions Can Weighted Blankets Help?

A weighted blanket can help any of the following conditions:

·  Sensory disorders: it helps increase the serotonin and melatonin levels

·  Sleep Disorders: increases serotonin and melatonin for a better sleep

·  Insomnia: can help people feel safe so they fall asleep and stay asleep easier

·  Autism: it helps them calm down after therapy sessions

·  RLS: helps keep your legs calm during fidgeting

·  Anxiety/Stress: calms you down and helps you stay focused

·  Sensory Integration/processing disorders: relaxes you so you have an easier time filtering out the background sensory information

In addition to having a calming effect on the body, a weight blanket can also help decrease heart rate, blood pressure and reduce cortisol (stress) levels. When we feel like we are “grounded” we feel like we are safer and more protected which leads to better overall sleep. 

Weighted blankets are not recommended for children under the age of three. The most important consideration when buying a weighted blanket is the customer’s body weight, which should not be greater than 10% of their body weight, plus one or two pounds. Weighted blankets should never be too heavy to remove by the patient and should never be used as a restraining device. Always check with an occupational therapist or healthcare professional to recommend proper medical treatment.