Life is too short to not do what you love. This is what we love. Namaste.

Forged in the fiery underground of autism momma's, Namaste Hand Made, LLC was born from necessity. Our business is where family, work, and life are all equal and integrate organically.

You are here doing what we did many years are searching online for HELP, and SLEEP AIDES that don't cost a fortune, are effective, and most importantly-don't involve medicating. Maybe it's on the suggestion from an Occupational Therapist, or your family physician. Maybe you are taking the bull by the horns and researching yourself. You have found the right place, Welcome.

Our story runs deep. We have "been there," we have "tried that." We fought the hard fight and came out on the other end with a brighter smile and a restful sleep. Join us in experiencing what all autism parents hope and search for. Buy from a business that KNOWS your struggle, we can help. Please contact us with any of your questions. YOU are why we are here. Thanks for stopping by, we hope to make a blanket for you or your loved one.


Namaste Hand Made literally Hand Makes every single blanket. There are 3 machines involved in the process of manufacturing your blanket. ALL blankets are inspected for seam quality and durability prior to shipment. Even still, it is recommended that you personally inspect your blanket periodically for signs of wear. Weighted blankets should not be used as punishment, or as a restraint.

ALL WEIGHTED ARTICLES sold at Namaste Hand Made ARE machine washable and dryer safe.

MACHINE WASH: Delicate cycle
DRYER: Low Heat Setting

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